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Top 10 English Medium Schools in Dhaka, Bangladesh 2023

English medium schools in Dhaka, especially the English public schools, are very popular among parents who want their children to grow up learning bot

English medium schools in Dhaka, especially the English public schools, are very popular among parents who want their children to grow up learning both English and Bangla languages, with all the opportunities that bilingualism brings. And while many of these

Top 10 Best English Medium Schools in Dhaka
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schools are excellent, many more make big promises on their websites that they can’t keep once you sign on the dotted line. Here are some tips to help you choose from the variety of great English medium schools in Dhaka (and not-so-great ones).
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English Medium Schools Abroad

For students who can’t leave Bangladesh, English medium schools are an excellent alternative. While Bangladesh is a majority Muslim country, it has a cultural history of secular values. The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali and citizens also speak Urdu, Hindi, and English as second languages; that said, most people still choose to speak only Bengali at home. Some English-medium schools aren’t fluent in English and that could pose problems for non-native speakers. Students will also be taught other subjects (like Islamic Studies) from an Islamic perspective but parents of non-Muslim children won’t have a problem with that—as long as their children are provided with a high quality education overall!

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English medium schools in dhaka

Arguably, one of most important decisions that you will ever make for your child is choosing what type of school to send them to. Before you make any concrete decisions about which schools are best suited for your child, there are a few questions that should be answered: 

Do you want them to have a good work ethic? 

Would it be easier for them to learn a second language? 

Would they rather focus on extra-curricular activities like sports or music? 

All schools have their pros and cons and these questions should help you decide which ones will serve your child best. Based on what type of student you would like your child to be when they enter college, consider choosing one of these top 10 english  medium schools in dhaka.

10 Best English Medium Schools in Dhaka,Bangladesh

1. The British School of Dhaka

The British School of Dhaka is a co-educational, international school located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. The school is an IB World School and offers a variety of subjects for students aged 3–19. One highlight of the school’s program is its focus on community service and global citizenship. Students have traveled to Bolivia to support relief efforts there, have helped refugee families learn English at various camps around Bangladesh, and raised funds for many local charities.

2. Oxford International School

Oxford International School (OIS) is a co-educational private school located at Gulshan, Dhaka. The school offers both Primary and Secondary education to its students. The medium of instruction is English. The school was established in 1998 by Oxford College located at Banani, Dhaka. It prepares students for IGCSE and O level examinations conducted by Edexcel, London UK. It has been authorized to offer these certificates by Cambridge International Examinations based in UK.

3. American International School

American International School (AIS) is a co-educational day and boarding school established in 1968. The School is located on 27 acres of land, on Mirpur Road in Dhanmondi, one of Dhaka’s most attractive neighborhoods. It offers an international education from K1 through 12th grade that emphasizes academic excellence, critical thinking and creativity for children of all nationalities as well as local students.

4. South Point School

South Point School, established in 1994, is a co-educational day and boarding school affiliated with Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and British Council. It has three campuses, two located in Dhanmondi-30 and one at Banani-12. Each campus offers Grades 1 through 13 while 5 through 13 are offered at their Banani campus. The school’s students take IGCSE Examinations and A Level Examinations under CIE Board during Grades 9-13.

5. Daffodil International

Daffodil International School and College is located at Dhanmondi Thana. It was established in year 2010. The school is co-educational and it has three shifts, morning shift, day shift and a night shift. This school holds education from preschool to secondary level (both arts and science). The medium of instruction is English Language.

6. Holy Cross High School 

One of top 10 best schools in Bangladesh. The school is having a nice infrastructure and good teachers. The teaching system is really good. There are many facilities for study, games and other extracurricular activities. It has become one of the most prestigious high schools after it was awarded by Quality Circle Award, twice.It is near to Gulshan area so students can come easily from anywhere of dhaka city. I think Holy Cross High School must be included on your list if you want to study or send your children abroad for studies. You will find a wide range of subject and excellent academic performance on every level here in Holy Cross High School, Chittagong (Bangladesh). It might be new but extremely professional – all because of our dedicated team!

 7. South City Model High School

It was established on January 7, 2002 at Uttara South. It is managed by English Medium. The medium of instruction is English and Bengali. There are three sections, namely arts, science and commerce with each section having three streams: humanities, business studies and social studies. The total number of students is above 700.

8. St Gregory’s High School 

St Gregory’s High School is a co-educational Catholic, International Baccalaureate (IB) World School established by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, Germany. It was founded at Moghbazar, Dhaka on 1 January 1900 and moved to its present location at Road 25/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka on 14 February 1954. Since 1996 it has been an IB World School offering both IGCSE and IB programs to students aged 11–19 years.

9. Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College is an educational institution that has been providing quality education for girls and boys from KG to SSC levels. Notre Dame College is situated at No. 5, Road 3 (3rd Floor), Motijheel C/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh.

Notre Dame College is a co-educational institution. The medium of instruction is English. The school offers primary and secondary education with an option to continue at higher level, which include IGCSE and A Level exams respectively. Thus, giving students a choice to go abroad for further studies after SSC or HSC. Notre Dame College has been ranked among top 10 best schools in Bangladesh according to Alim Exam Ranking 2012-13 & 2013-14 published by Daily Prothom Alo.

  10 .Edexcel(Bangladesh) Higher Secondary school.

For more than a decade, Edexcel (Bangladesh) Higher Secondary school has been providing quality education to students of different standards. The school offers an integrated program where students get to study at higher secondary level through an internationally accredited examination board. This is one of few schools that holds IGCSE and A Levels examinations for their students. In fact, Edexcel (Bangladesh) Higher Secondary school has been successful enough to place its students under ISC and O level examinations as well.

11. Maple Leaf International School

P.O Box 65, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230; 01717042801: Map: 21°45′42′′N 91°23′14′′E : Maple Leaf International School is a leading international school in Bangladesh and one of best CBSE schools in Bangladesh. It offers education from pre-nursery to class 10 for students aged 2 1/2 to 18 years. The school uses innovative teaching methods that encourage students to explore their creativity and express themselves using different mediums of art and craft , such as clay modeling, painting, printing and sculpture. Children are encouraged to value cultural diversity through celebrating festivals. They are also exposed to languages through ESOL courses for non-native speakers of English (A1 level) taught by trained teachers specialized in ESOL methodology. Students can learn French or Spanish as foreign languages during school hours. Students with higher achievements have opportunities to take part in various programmes such as debating competitions, math Olympiads, football tournaments etc.

12. Scholastica School

Situated at Plot 2/B-2, 2/C, Block A, line one, Mirpur Rd, Dhaka 1216, Scholastica International School is one of Bangladesh’s best English medium schools. Established in 1998, it offers education to kids aged 4 – 14 years. This school has a play area for younger students and a library for older students. Sports facilities include two football fields and two basketball courts. A British councilor from Manchester assists with management and academic issues at Scholastica International School

13. Aga Khan School

The Aga Khan School started as a pre-primary school for children and developed into a private secondary school. Its programmes include Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary (Standard I –V), Secondary (Sixth Form) and Boarding. The Aga Khan School was founded by His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV  at Uttara Model Town, Dhaka

14. Mastermind English Medium School

This is one of best schools in Bangladesh. It was established by Mr. Shahidul Alam . This school teaches KG-12 level. They provide excellent education with co-curricular activities (CCA). This school is situated at Khilgaon, Gopalganj district, Dhaka city & Feni. Many famous personalities came from here.

15. International Turkish Hope School

This school is one of the best and well established schools in Bangladesh. The school is located at Plot:07,Road:06,Sector:04, Dhaka 1230. An impressive number of 15,000 students have been graduated from here so far. It has become a dream place for thousands of parents across Bangladesh to send their children to study.

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Why Study In An English School?

Learning English is key to success. With thousands of people from around the world coming to Bangladesh for work, you’ll want to be able to communicate effectively with your colleagues and customers—and not just rely on body language or Google Translate. Many international companies will prioritize native speakers when hiring new employees. If you’re looking for a career with an international company, it can be well worth considering an English-medium school. The ability to speak with native speakers is also useful if you want to find a mate outside of Bangladesh—many young people marry partners who are originally from other countries. Some schools go further than others; many have built up a global network that allows their students to travel and study abroad at partner schools around Asia and Europe at no extra cost.

Choosing The Right School For Your Child

For many parents, deciding which school to send their child to is no easy task. There are a few key points you should keep in mind when choosing a school for your child: language medium, environment and curriculum. Language matters because it gives students the opportunity to be exposed to another culture while they’re still young. Keeping them at home allows them only access to your family’s culture and language. Students who learn another language grow up with an expanded worldview and may even become fluent enough in their second tongue that they can attend college classes or internships abroad, if you so choose.

Things To Consider Before Choosing An English School

1. Reputation and Track Record 

2. Facilities 

3. Fees 

4. Curriculum 

5. Special Programs and Activities 

6. Extracurricular Opportunities 

7. Facilities 

8. Safety 

9. Boarding

10. Location 

11. Teacher Quality 

12. Academic Achievements 

13. Alumni 

14. Community Involvement 

15. Scholarships 

16. Extra-Curricular Activities 

17. Uniforms 

18. Medical Care 

19. School Attendance 

20. Transportation 

21. Staff-Student Ratio 

22. Religious Affiliation 

23. Class Size 

24. Dedicated Computer Lab 

25. Accreditation 

26. Excursions 

27. Exam Preparation 

28. Extra-Curricular Activities 

29. Foreign Faculty 

30. Library 

31. Leadership Development 

32. Math Skills 

33. Music Program 

34. Online Learning 

35. Sports 

36. Student Clubs 

37. Student Engagement 

38. Teaching Methods 

39. Textbooks 

40. Teachers 

41. Technology Usage 

42. Tutoring 

43. Virtual Reality 

44. Vocabulary

 45. Writing Skills 

Tips For Parents Picking An English School For Their Children

1. For best results, look for a school with a high student to teacher ratio. You want your child to get one-on-one attention when they need it, and teacher burnout is less of an issue at schools with low numbers of students. 

2. If possible, pick a school that focuses on both social skills and academic progress. The ability to succeed academically without making friends is exceedingly rare; if you can find such a school, you’re likely paying too much money for subpar education (and vice versa). 

3. If budget allows, consider hiring tutors on site to supplement what your child learns from their teachers. Most private tutors in Bangladesh aren't certified teachers—but their credentials don't matter as long as they're effective instructors! If you hire good tutors, your kids will learn twice as fast—and there's no better way to prepare them for a competitive job market! 

4. Many parents choose to use more than one school throughout their children's childhoods; while costlier than enrolling in only one institution, it's important not to burn bridges by moving around once your kids are settled somewhere else. Investing in multiple institutions shows commitment, improves your relationship with all involved parties, and gives you access to opportunities at each different place. 

5. A final note: Regardless of where your kids go to school or how you pay for it, make sure you spend some time helping them out afterward. A great education isn't worth anything if you're not helping your kid apply what they've learned. So talk about current events at least weekly! Stay informed yourself so that you can hold interesting conversations and keep things relevant...and help teach your children proper research techniques so they'll be able to seek out information themselves later on down the road. Parents should be partners in their children's educational journeys – just like everywhere else!

10 Best Islamic English Medium School in Dhaka

No need to pay much attention on their Islamic background. As all of them provide quality education and environment, so that it is easy for students to understand Islam. If you are looking for high standard English medium school, where your child can study with Islamic style then following schools are best for you and your child. Top 10 List: 

1) Averroes International School 

2) Manarat Dhaka International School & College 

3) Islamic International School & College 

4) Al-Arafah Islamic International School And College 

5) Insight International School, Dhaka 

6) Premier School Dhaka 

7) Tanzimul Ummah International Tahfiz School 

8 )An Noor Islamic School 

9) Islami Bank International School & College 

10) Iqra Islamic English Medium School. 

These are some most popular Islamic English medium school in Dhaka city or Greater Dhaka area. Now a days number of schools or institutions providing such kind of education but these listed above give world class facilities as compare other private or public institute educationalist as they focus on student both inside classroom and outside too. Students will get guidance form highly educated teachers who have qualified from different universities including UGC recognized university if they want to take higher studies after SSC level. In addition to regular programs they also focused on extra curricular activities which help students improve their communication skill by participating actively like debate club, quiz program etc.

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