Top 10 Best Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh
Top 10 Best Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh

Although it may seem like an easy question to answer, there are a lot of factors that go into it. There are several recognized institutes which offer Polytechnic education in Bangladesh, yet the quality of the education may vary from one institute to another, thus resulting in different qualities of graduates from each institute. If you are looking for the best Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh, then keep reading this article to get your answers about Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh and find out where you can find information on these institutions as well as their quality education.

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10 Best Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh

1) Dhaka polytechnic institute

It is ranked 1st on top 10 best polytechnic institutes in bangladesh. It’s a government institute located at dhaka. This institute also known as dpi, it provides various diploma level course of 4 year duration with regular medium and part-time mode. Undergraduates can study two years course and they can get registered after successfully completion of two years program if they want to pursue graduation degree. Diploma graduates of other disciplines are eligible for admission into graduate level professional programmes (GDP) offered by the Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). To become an engineer one needs to have IETE registration number and bachelor's degree; earn a minimum GPA score set by IEB based on marks obtained during undergraduate studies.

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2) pabna polytechnic institute

Top Ranking Pabna polytechnic institute, Best polytechnic institute of Bangladesh. Pabna polytechnical institute is a leading polytechnical institute in Bangladesh. Established in 1966 it started its journey with few disciplines and today it's one of top ranking poly technical institutes among 23 government approved poly technics institutes across Bangladesh. It offers variety of Diploma level courses to train student to become professionals in respective field. It has recently established ISO standard culinary department where students get chance to learn culinary artistry as a professional chef at training kitchen and serve food to be served on table at hotel or restaurant. In 2016 they have introduced Diploma level Computer Engineering course along Computer Programming & IT related diploma level course. They are planning to introduce new academic programs every year so that students can get new choices for their future career development.

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3) bogura polytechnic institute

Now-A-Days all are busy for job by result of higher secondary education. So, mostly students wants to pass their life with comfort and easy. And one best institute is available for their need. Here we are talking about bogura polytechnic institute which gives everyone with a great knowledge of electrical stream, Electronics stream and computer stream. This is one of the most renowned technical colleges for academic excellence among privately owned institutions in Bangladesh. It is situated at Bogura district which is most popular city after Dhaka city in Bangladesh. Government authorized nearly 7 thousands institutes by private sector out of which bogura polytechnic institute is one of them which stand number 2nd among them all over countries level according to Govt source report 2009.

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4) dinajpur polytechnic institute

D.P.I, Dinajpur is a polytechnic institute located at Dinajpur district of Bangladesh. It was established as a government polytechnic institute in 1964 .The campus is situated over an area of 9 acres(36,000 m2) and has two academic buildings, one administrative building and one workshop, with more than 60 faculty and staffs and 7705 students are enrolled here. Every year it admits about 80-100 male students and 20-30 female students. This institution provides training on Civil Engineering subjects, Electrical engineering subjects & Mechanical engineering subjects. The most important feature of Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute is that all facilities like libraries, laboratories etc are available to their students free of cost and they have separate labors hall to develop themselves skillfully.

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5) rangpur polytechnic institute

Located at Rangpur, rangpur polytechnic institute is one of most prestigious institute in Bangladesh. Every year a huge number of students are applying for admission to major Engineering streams offered by it. Those students will be admitted to rutex- I and rutex-II campuses where they can study civil, electrical, mechanical engineering and other courses related to them. The college campus is vast and green where you can spend your time with peace. Moreover Rangpur polytechnic institute is placed near high-speed rail way network which makes transportation easier than ever before.

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6) rajshahi polytechnic institute

This institute was established back in 1963. It is situated at Rajshahi, Bangladesh. It offers 4 years diploma programs on engineering study field and 4 years bachelor degree program on different fields of study such as civil, electrical, mechanical and textile. About 11000 students are studying there under different discipline and around 500 teachers are working for all of them. They have their own library that provides necessary books and resources to their students with a large collection as well as they offer many facilities such as dormitory with mess hall facilities along with sports ground, canteen & clinic etc. 

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7) Sylhet Polytechnic Institute

Located in Bangladesh, Sylhet Polytechnic Institute (SPI) offers Diploma and Higher National Diploma Programs. Their mission is to design, develop and provide an optimum learning environment where each student will fulfill his/her potential of achieving personal success. SPI is working to accomplish their mission by recruiting highly qualified, motivated teachers. Furthermore, they have an active student council which contributes greatly to their community outreach efforts.

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8) kushtia polytechnic institute

kushtia polytechnic institute is one of them and It provides technical education for diploma student. This institute was established on 1964 and it is located at Kushtia district in Bangladesh. This institute has 4 years Diploma program under national board of Technical Education. To get admission there student have to passed SSC level with a minimum GPA 3.00. There are more than 10,000 students are studying there every year.

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9) mymensingh polytechnic institute

MPI, Mymensingh is one of the top best polytechnic institutes in bangladesh. MPI has produced many smart and brilliant engineers. MPI has been famous for its consistency of its excellent result. In every year, large number of students are enrolled at MPI Institute for their Engineering studies with multiple options to choose from: Electrical Engineering , Mechanical Engineering , Computer Engineering . With A+ grade rating (10/10) on Google and Facebook Page, MPI is gaining popularity rapidly among students from all around Bangladesh.

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10) khulna polytechnic institute

KPI has been declared as one of top polytechnic institutes in Khulna by DGHS. Khulna polytechnic institute was established back to 1963 under bengali education system. In KPI, students can get training on different engineering majors such as civil, electrical, electronics and telecommunication, automobile and manufacturing technology etc. Read on our website to know more about its history. (Check link)

11) tangail polytechnic institute

National polytechnic institute, Tangail is one of the best polytechnic institute in Bangladesh. This institute was established in 1991. It has three departments, Information Technology, Civil and Electrical & Electronic. It has more than 8000 students and 80 teachers. This polytechnic institute provide 4 years Diploma on Vocational programs (Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Computer Hardware Servicing). Each year there are about 50-70% pass rate at that examination with GPA 3 or higher .

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12) chittagong polytechnic institute

It is located at chittagong and it was established in 1962. It is a public institute. It’s full form is chittagong polytechnic institute of technology and engineering. It has 2 semesters for each year (1st-2nd). In 8th semester students get Diploma degree, almost all program has 4 years, so they take 4 years to be a professional after passing SSC. The major are listed below Electrical, Electronic & Communication Engineering Information Technology Mechanical Fabrication & Machine Shop Automobile Technology Industrial Chemistry etc.

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13) munshiganj polytechnic institute

Firstly, Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute is located in Munshiganj, a major town of south-western Bangladesh. Mpi is one of renowned polytechnics providing high quality education within few years. It offers diploma programs for boys and girls especially from poor family background. So it works as foundation to reach out on good technical career option for them through various courses offered. After finishing Diploma courses, students can get jobs easily according to their course & qualification.

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14) barisal polytechnic institute

It was established on 1 January 1963. It is situated at Barisal. It offers four years Diploma-in-Engineering course under BTEB (Bangladesh Technical Education Board). This institute has three shifts, morning, day and evening. This institute provides a good education for students from all over Bangladesh. In 2018 it had been awarded a grade B.

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15) dhaka mohila polytechnic institute

Top rank institute of bangladesh. A leading institute of our country. A great opportunity for girls to get admission at DMPI under different courses like FSc, Diploma, CCE etc. DMPU is one of few reputed institutes of our country which provides opportunity to all grade level students to achieve their target and dreams through excellent academic education and facilities.

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Why Best Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh

Well, if you want to be successful, then it is essential to choose a good educational institute. Nowadays people are paying special attention to polytechnic education as it serves as an effective bridge between school and higher studies. A polytechnic education is a four-year course after finishing your SSC ( Secondary School Certificate) or equivalent. You will gain a qualification on completion of Polytechnic Courses that can also help you get admission into your desired university later on for higher studies if you do not wish to go for any professional diploma or BBA/BSc at present. Hence, there are many students who prefer taking admission into polytechnics rather than going straight into undergraduate programs from school.

how many polytechnic institute in bangladesh

A lot of people are confused to find out how many polytechnic institute in bangladesh There are 49 polytechnics under Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Government of Bangladesh. These institutes provide diploma level programs. Students can choose either a Diploma in Engineering or a Diploma in Technology for their program. Currently, there are about 49 Public Polytechnics and 59 Private Polytechnics across all over Bangladesh.

after polytechnic what to do in bangladesh

If you’re done with your diploma and wondering what to do next, don’t worry – there are a variety of career paths that require a degree in engineering. In fact, most companies are more likely to hire someone with an engineering degree rather than just a standard associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The bigger question is which field of engineering you should focus on to best prepare yourself for your new career path. After the diploma in engineering, most students prepare for the DUET admission.  From there, BSC can be done and there are many other institutions from which different types of degrees can be obtained. Especially in DUET, most students try to read .

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between university and polytechnic which one is the best

it depends on your goal. If you want to gain knowledge, experience, and expertise then go for polytechnic. Polytechnics give job-oriented skills or technical training, while a university degree provides in-depth knowledge across many subjects. But most employers prefer graduates with vocational qualifications and a poly diploma can also help you get into higher education if that’s what you want to do later on. So it really comes down to what type of career path you want to take: university or polytechnic?

Which is the best subject of Polytechnic

We cannot say one subject is better than another because that’s a personal choice for each student. What we can do is show you some of our favorite subjects and why we like them. The first thing to look at when deciding on a polytechnic program is whether or not your choice offers a wide range of electives, which allow you to gain more specialized skills and knowledge, but also ensure you have time to take classes outside your chosen major. While students with mechanical engineering degrees may know what they want to do upon graduating, those with degrees in business management or marketing may want to explore other options before settling on their career path.

Computer,Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical, Textile, Power,  Fashion Technology, HVAC & Refrigeration Engineering, Industrial and Production Management, Automobile Technology, Computer Science and Application (CSA), Architecture Studies & Research (ASR), Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Fisheries & Marine Science.

how many semester in polytechnic

Eight semesters are usually required to complete a Diploma program. This gives you ample time to experiment with courses, decide on a major and minor, and make course adjustments as needed. You may take a semester off of school if you need or want to work or pursue other interests. If you feel that your class schedule is too packed, it might be an idea to talk with an academic advisor about removing one or two unnecessary classes from your schedule. The point is that taking some time off does not mean being out of school for good; getting away from your books for a bit can give you new perspective on your education and how you're spending your college years.

how to check polytechnic Admission  result

Once you have filled your Online Form, all you need to do is to sit tight for a couple of days. You will receive your result through SMS or e-mail as soon as it is announced by BTEB. With that, you will be able to check whether you have been admitted or not and whether it was successful or not.

Which Courses can I study at Polytechnic Institutes?

Depending on your area of focus, there are many courses available to you. For example, if you're an aspiring mechanical engineer, you'll be able to study courses such as chemical technology, computer technology and manufacturing technology. You can also study construction engineering (or a similar topic) depending on where you want to work after graduation. While different institutes offer different fields of study, almost all polytechnic institutes will teach students how to draft plans for use in architecture and engineering jobs. When it comes to creating a safe environment for its students during classes and exams, several polytechnic schools have updated their facilities over time with new equipment and well-defined fire drills so that they stay up-to-date with current safety procedures.

How much does it cost to study at a polytechnic institute?

The cost of studying at a polytechnic institute depends on what level you want to study and how long. For example, it costs roughly Tk 2.5 lakhs to study a four-year diploma programme In non-government Polytechnic. and In Government Polytechnics cost as much as 50 thousand for four years. The above-mentioned polytechnics cost very little. Moreover, it depends on your life style. In addition, there is an additional cost of textbooks and reference books; some books can be very expensive so if you have them at home, you don’t have to pay anything but when you need to buy them from a book store, it adds up quickly.

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What are the benefits of studying at a polytechnic institute?

One benefit of studying at a polytechnic institute is that it offers a plethora of engineering and trade options. According to The Open University, polytechnics have fewer restrictions on admission than universities and colleges, which allows them to be more flexible with their curriculum and course offerings. This translates into having an array of diverse fields to choose from while earning your degree, as well as having opportunities for advancement within your field through elective courses or extra training. In addition, there is often less financial strain associated with attending a polytechnic institute since they usually offer less expensive programs than universities. Another perk is that students who attend a polytechnic institute are able to earn their Bachelor's degree after completing just two years of study instead of four.

Are there any careers I can get after completing my polytechnic education?

After completing your polytechnic education, you will be able to get many types of jobs. Some examples are: becoming a technician for mechanical or electrical systems, working as an electronics engineer, working with medical devices and diagnostics equipment, working as a construction site project manager and many other options. The field of work is wide open for you when you graduate from a polytechnic institute in Bangladesh. You can work at organizations such as hospitals, research centers and government agencies.

Is it possible to transfer credits from one institute to another?

Yes. It is not just possible but also common for polytechnic students to apply for a transfer of credits from one institute to another. However, you must ensure that you fulfill all of your coursework requirements before transferring credits because transferring credits midway through your program will delay your graduation date. Some institutes may be flexible about accepting transfer credits, but others may not be. Be sure to check with both institutes before making any changes.

Will getting a degree from an engineering institute be easier than an institute?

It depends on what you mean by easier. If you mean will it be easier to get a job or make more money, then no. However, if you mean will it be easier for you to concentrate on your studies or enjoy school life and meet people that share your interests and hobbies, then yes, definitely! And it won’t cost as much either.

Are all courses available at all institutes?

No, not all courses are available at all institutes. For example, you might have an institute with a great automotive engineering course, but if they don’t have a computer technology or business course then they’re not going to be on our list. We take into account both quality and quantity of courses when compiling our list, which is why some big schools with multiple courses aren’t always high on our list—we also factor whether each individual program offers a respectable level of quality and instruction.

Can I apply directly to any Institute?

No, you can't apply directly to any institute. You must have a minimum GPA (grade point average) of 2.5 or higher to apply to most institutions. Depending on your major or area of study, a higher GPA may be required by some institutes.

Are there any other courses I can take instead of engineering at a polytechnic institute?

While pursuing a degree at a polytechnic institute is certainly less expensive than studying at a university, it’s not always necessary. And, if you do decide to get your engineering degree from a polytechnic school, there are actually several other majors you can study instead of an engineering degree that won’t require all four years of intensive and costly undergraduate engineering studies.