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Top 6 Free Web Hosting in Bangladesh for Lifetime 2023

Learning how to find free web hosting can be a difficult process, and there are many wrong ways to go about it. Here are the top five free web hosting


Top 5 Free Web Hosting in Bangladesh
Top 5 Free Web Hosting in Bangladesh

Learning how to find free web hosting can be a difficult process, and there are many wrong ways to go about it. Here are the top five free web hosting services available, and what they have to offer in exchange for the lack of a premium cost. Even though all of these options cost nothing, you should still take some time to understand their features before making your decision on which one to use!

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Top 5 Free Web Hosting in Bangladesh

1) Pro Free Host

Pro Free Host is a free web hosting service provider based in Bangladesh that offers free hosting services to individuals and small businesses. Started by three college students with no formal technical training, Pro Free Host  initially started as a way for users to upload their own files without knowing how to code or setup a server. With user experience as its primary focus, Pro Free Host strives to provide customers with all of the necessary tools to manage their websites from control panels like cPanel and FTP, while allowing them complete control over site themes and colors. Additionally, Pro Free Host offers an Android app for users who prefer managing their website via mobile devices. A variety of features including domain registration, email management, website statistics and more are offered at competitive rates.

2) Googiehost

Googiehost offers a free web hosting plan with a limit of 1GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Googiehost’s cloud hosting services comes with one-click WordPress installation, cPanel control panel, one click script installer and 24/7 support. Googiehost uses CloudLinux to enhance security and performance of your site. CloudLinux is known for using only verified open source components in its operating system, which makes it more secure than other managed hosting providers. It does not use kernel modules or system libraries of unknown origin that could introduce vulnerabilities into your account.


It's hard to get better free hosting than Free Hosting, a company I've found through extensive research. It is popular for both open source and non-open source web projects. This can be used for any kind of website including blogs, forums, shopping carts, etc. Many popular sites are using Free Hosting such as Wikipedia and YouTube. This gives confidence to the users that their personal information will not be used in an illegal manner. In addition to their standard hosting service, they also offer several other ways to save money, such as SSL certificate creation with Let's Encrypt (free), which eliminates additional costs. This can also boost your SEO rankings since most search engines give extra ranking points for secure sites that use Let's Encrypt certificates. 

4) 000webhost

000webhost offers free web hosting services. With a subdomain, you get your own domain and a free domain name for a year. If you want to upgrade to a full domain, it's $7.50/year. It also offers SSD full storage. Also with one-click Wordpress installation. You can install scripts with Softaculous, which is an autoinstaller. You can also set up custom email addresses like [email protected] There are no ads on your site or bandwidth limits. The only limit is that if you receive more than 10,000 unique visitors per day, they will ask you to upgrade (although I have never heard of anyone hitting that limit).

5) Award Space

Award Space is a free web hosting website which offers up to 100 MB storage, 1 GB bandwidth and no advertising on your website. It is quite similar to other web hosting sites like Freehostia, Wix etc. They are offering servers based in Texas and Amsterdam with multiple support options including email, phone and live chat. They offer even more features like WordPress installation, Traffic statistic and customization of Control Panel using HTML coding. You can create unlimited number of domain names under Award Space domain name. The one best thing I found about Award Space is that they don’t allow spammy websites on their servers.

6) WordPress Free Hosting

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that was first released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a spin-off of b2/cafelog. Since then, it has grown to be the most popular CMS in use today—hosted on over 60 million websites worldwide—and is available in over 130 languages. By offering an easy-to-use content management system for publishing your website or blog online, WordPress provides plenty of functionality for website owners without requiring any knowledge of programming. You can get started right away with no coding skills needed. This makes WordPress one of our top free web hosting options in Bangladesh, especially for beginners.

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How much traffic can a free host handle?

There are hundreds of hosting companies out there and many of them provide free web hosting. Many hosts can handle millions of visitors per month with no problems. That said, if you're expecting an overwhelming number of visitors, it's a good idea to make sure your host has enough bandwidth. A good rule of thumb is to divide by 10 and that's how many concurrent users you can expect at any given time. So if you have one million monthly visitors, look for a host that can accommodate 100,000 simultaneous users.

Can I get 100% uptime guarantee with free hosts?

Uptime is a particularly important consideration if you run an e-commerce site. If people can’t access your site, they can’t make purchases. No purchases means no revenue and no revenue means no profits—so it’s in your best interest to avoid free hosts that offer limited or non-existent uptime guarantees. As with all things, you should be wary of unmet guarantees because they could leave you with quite a few headaches should something go wrong. Make sure to choose a host that provides clear service-level agreements (SLAs) so you know what level of performance and support to expect during normal operating hours and after business hours/weekends. You can also try buying some server monitoring software for peace of mind!

Free Hosting vs Paid Hosting 

Before we go deep into our list of top 5 free web hosting service providers, it’s worth mentioning that if you are looking for something other than one-page websites, then you may be better off opting for a paid host. Free services are mostly limited to simple web pages and domains. However, there is no denying that a free host makes an affordable option for personal blogs or small businesses. There are several advantages of using free hosts – they provide lots of free templates and good security features; most importantly they offer unrestricted bandwidth which makes them a great choice when your business is just starting out and your site traffic is not really heavy.

Advantage of Free Hosting

No money is required to pay for web hosting, which means there are few limitations. However, with no cost, you can’t expect premium features or reliable customer support. Plus, with many of these services, there are ads and other links throughout your website; depending on what you’re using it for and how closely you want to manage everything, that could be a deal breaker. Even with ad-free plans though, when a service advertises free hosting they really mean freemium as most have restrictions on how much space you can use per month. You will probably only get one domain name and limited bandwidth—features that usually cost extra if available at all.

Disadvantage of Free Hosting

1) Many free hosts offer 100MB and below space, however you may hit their maximum usage within a few months. 

2) Most hosts do not offer multiple email accounts. 

3) You will usually get 1 MySQL database or under for your domain/website with a free host. If you want additional databases, you will pay more for them. This limits what kind of website you can host on your account without upgrading to paid hosting plans with these companies. 

4) Some free hosts have no support system (that I know of), which means that if something breaks or goes wrong, there is no way to fix it unless you know how to do it yourself. 

5) Since many free hosts are advertisement based, they often suffer from downtime due to high traffic volume. 

6) When using a free host, you will be subject to pop-ups and advertisements on your site. 

7) Free web hosting is often very slow because they use shared servers instead of dedicated servers. 

8 ) There are many other disadvantages as well. For example: No FTP access; No phpMyAdmin; No cPanel; No Domain Parking; etc... 

These things are very useful when creating websites so make sure that before choosing a web host you know exactly what they offer in terms of features and services!

Feature in Free Hosting

Free hosting is nothing new to hosting. When it comes to personal blogs and small businesses, free hosting is actually more than enough. Even many bloggers who get paid do most of their writing on free web hosting sites like Google’s new WordPress that allows them to write for clients without any hassle. As for business, at least not a large one, you can run your entire business from a free host with no problems at all. In fact, many businesses are so small that it may never have considered paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per year for web hosting services, which is why we continue seeing so many great free choices available.

Is there any difference between paid and free hosts in terms of performance, support, tools and more? 

Yes, you may think that using a free web hosting is not a good idea but believe me it’s a very smart decision because it helps you to get started without spending much amount of money. It doesn’t make any sense if you buy expensive domain and hosting just for your business website. You should use free hosts instead of paid ones because most of them are pretty fast, comes with a lot of features and support. Also there is no cost attached to it so why not try? I am going to give top 10 best free web hosting in Bangladesh which will help you to build your business website easily. I have personally used some of these hosts for my business websites like DomainHosts – This is one of my favorite host where I host all my websites at present.

Do I have to pay any fee at all?

No, there is no cost for web hosting. It’s free! You can host as many sites as you want on your account, and upgrade it at any time to a VPS or dedicated server if needed. All of our web hosting plans are provided to you at no charge. These services are not only free, but they come with robust feature sets that most other web hosts charge a premium for.

What should I keep in mind while using a free host?

Not all free web hosts are reliable. Some of them are not even designed for commercial use! If you want to avoid downtime and keep your website online, look for a provider that is well-established, with great customer service and support. Plus, make sure they can handle your expected level of traffic—even if they promise that they offer unlimited space or bandwidth. When in doubt, take a virtual tour of their facilities (if possible) and ask lots of questions before signing up. Remember: You get what you pay for!

Final Thought

This should have avoided in learning management system, domain and website designing. Try to use paid hosting, because a paid hosting is very useful and effective. The more reliable hosting can be a good choice to use it. And also try to avoid some illegal web host provider in Bangladesh. Because you may get banned from your Google search or from your hosting if you’re using illegal web host provider for yourself.

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