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NoviClean's : Canadian Car Wash Payment Systems Review 2023

Looking for the best car wash payment systems? Do you have any idea about which one you should choose? NoviClean offers some of the finest, newest and


NoviClean's Car Wash Payment Systems Review

Looking for the best car wash payment systems? Do you have any idea about which one you should choose? NoviClean offers some of the finest, newest and innovative car wash payment systems in the industry, but to help you make your decision, here’s a quick review of some of their key features.

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Intro About NoviClean Car Wash Payment Systms

With NoviClean's Nayax and Exacta car wash payment systems, car wash payments are easy. Providing NoviClean with this convenient payment option will help their customers offer their customers more payment options. Coins are no longer preferred for car washes. You can offer your customers payment options they prefer while at the same time taking advantage of our car wash pay stations' simple installation, user-friendly interfaces, count-up functionality, etc.

Why Should Choose NoviClean Car Wash Payment Systems

When you're in the market for car wash payment systems, NoviClean has a lot of benefits. Here are:

1. Updated Payment Way

Car wash payments used to largely be made with cash or coins, but in recent years consumers have become increasingly dependent on credit cards with a shift towards mobile phones. You can keep your customers satisfied by using NoviClean's car wash payment solutions.

2. Improving customers Trust 

In addition to offering discounts and promo codes to reward repeat customers, NoviClean car wash payment systems can help increase repeat business by allowing customers to choose their preferred payment options.

3. High Profit

the main focus of NoviClean system is improving profitability, which we do by providing cost-effective car wash payment solutions. Providing many payment options will ensure that you never lose a sale because a customer lacks the ability to pay you right away.

4. All time Support

With NoviClean support, your car wash payment system will run like new for many years. They're always available whether you need replacement parts, preventative maintenance, repairs, or other services.

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Partnership with Exacta's car wash payment systems

With Exacta's car wash payment systems, your customers can pay in many different ways, including automatic or manual imprinted tickets.

Additional features such as a car wash POS system are available, providing promo codes and remotely accessing your account. Not all models offer chip and pin payments; others offer more advanced payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Are NoviClean's car wash payment systems supported and maintained on an ongoing basis?

The NoviClean service department provides maintenance support for the wash systems NoviClean install and supply, as well as the payment systems for our car wash clients.

Is it possible to use a debit card at a NoviClean car wash pay station?

No matter your payment preference, the NoviClean car wash has the right payment solution with options such as Interac debit cards, Visa or Mastercard and mobile payment apps.

Can you find discounts and promo codes at the car wash pay stations?

Car wash operators can offer discounts and promo codes at their pay stations with NoviClean payment systems.

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