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High CPC Countries List 2023 | Highest paying Adsense Country

you want to know which countries are the highest paying Google AdSense CPC Countries in 2022? Many people ask this question, but there isn't any singl
High CPC Countries List 2022 , Highest paying Adsense Country

What are the highest paying CPC countries list to advertise online? There are some countries in which the average cost per click (CPC) is higher than the average CPC in other regions, and for that reason online advertisers pay more to get clicks from these regions. In this article we look at some of these high paying CPC countries to advertise online, and also discuss how you can make money with AdSense by targeting them.

What are the highest paying CPC countries? This is a question that many advertisers ask themselves when they first start their Google AdSense journey, and it's a good one! As an internet user, you have probably noticed that some websites seem to make significantly more money through their ads than others. The truth is, this has less to do with their website design, content or niche and more to do with the location of their readership. It turns out that certain countries pay significantly more than others due to different economic and demographic factors as well as the payment behavior of people in those regions.

  you want to know which countries are the highest paying Google AdSense CPC Countries in 2023? Many people ask this question, but there isn't any single article that can give you all the answers you're looking for. That's why we decided to write this FAQ about Highest Paying Google AdSense CPC Countries in 2023 so you can get answers to your questions.

One of the best ways to earn money online is through Google Adsense, which allows you to display google ads on your website and make money from the click-throughs and impressions of these ads on your website. But with more than 1 billion websites out there, it's quite difficult to get that coveted space for Adsense ads on your site. For this purpose, Google has provided an option called highest paying ad units in google AdSense, which allows website owners to display high paying ad units when they have enough traffic on their site.

With the AdSense program, websites can display relevant ads to their users in order to generate revenue from users' clicks on the ads. Most of these ads are provided by Google, but there are other companies that also provide their own advertisements through the program. However, in order to make sure these ads are of good quality and not violating any laws or policies, Google allows only certain countries and advertisers to advertise through AdSense. With this guide, you will get answers to many questions surrounding the highest paying CPC countries list, as well as the list itself and its changes over time.

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What is Google AdSense and How It Work

AdSense is a program where you can make money by placing ads on your website. You get paid if visitors to your website click on these ads. In order to participate, you first have to become an approved publisher and sign up with AdSense . From there, you create a type of webpage that's called an ad unit , where each page contains at least one ad provided by AdSense . When someone visits your site and clicks on an ad, you'll earn revenue.

What is CPC 

CPC (Cost Per Click) is an advertising term that refers to how much you're charged every time a visitor clicks on your ad. These are important things to consider when doing business as it determines how effective your marketing campaigns have been.

What is Cost Per Mile (CPM)

Cost per mile, or CPM, refers to how much an advertiser is charged for every thousand impressions. Put simply, a thousand impressions means showing an ad one time to 1,000 people.

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Top 10 High CPC Countries List 2023

High CPC Countries List 2022 , Highest paying Adsense Country

This is the list of countries that have high CPCs and highest paying Adsense countries. The United States has the highest CPC and is number 1 in the list of highest paying Adsense country. Australia is second with Canada following closely behind in third. Marshal islands are fourth, followed by the United Kingdom in fifth, Germany sixth and Switzerland seventh. Brazil is eighth, New Zealand ninth and Italy tenth.

Top 10 High CPC Keyword List 2023

The Google Adsense High CPC Keywords List can help advertisers increase the amount of clicks their ads receive. The list contains the keywords with the highest cost per click rates, including insurance ($50+ per CPC), loans ($45+ per CPC), mortgage ($47+ per CPC), attorney ($47+ per CPC), credit ($36+ per CPC), lawyer ($42+ per CPC), donate ($42+ per CPC), degree ($40+ per CPC), and hosting ($32+ per CPC).

Google Adsense High CPC Keywords List

If you have installed Adsense on your website and looking for some high paying keyword list then here i am going to share top 20 highest paying keywords in google adsense program

  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
  11. Conference Call
  12. Trading
  13. Software
  14. Recovery
  15. Transfer
  16. Gas/Electricity
  17. Classes
  18. Rehab
  19. Treatment
  20. Cord Blood

Highest Paying Google AdSense CPC Countries List 2023

Knowing which countries are highest paying is important as each country has different rules and regulations. It is also useful in knowing where you should target to help your website get more traffic, clicks, and make more money. Here we list highest paying google adsense CPC countries based on average cpc amount calculated by Adsence experts . We've listed highest paying countries with CPC and CTR.

Country ListCTRCPC 
United States0.75%0.61
United Kingdom1.06%0.48
New Zealand1.21%0.33
South Africa1.13%0.26
Unknown Region0.63%0.25
Puerto Rico1.40%0.16
United Arab Emirates1.37%0.15
U.S. Virgin Islands3.85%0.14
Hong Kong0.94%0.13
Côte d’Ivoire0.69%0.13
Costa Rica0.45%0.12
Dominican Republic1.12%0.11
Cayman Islands0.68%0.11
South Korea0.82%0.1
Saudi Arabia1.64%0.09
Trinidad & Tobago1.41%0.07
Sierra Leone1.29%0.06
Myanmar 1.18%0.05
Solomon Islands4.35%0.04
Macedonia 0.54%0.04
Cape Verde2.38%0.04
American Samoa21.43%0.04
Sri Lanka0.66%0.03
Papua New Guinea0.61%0.03
Congo – Brazzaville1.91%0.03
St. Lucia0.70%0.02
Caribbean Netherlands1.83%0.02
French Polynesia8.33%0.01
Burkina Faso3.33%0.01

20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google Ads

Keyword     Cost per Click (CPC)

  • Insurance $54.91
  • Loans $44.28
  • Mortgage $47.12
  • Attorney $47.07
  • Credit $36.06
  • Lawyer $42.51
  • Donate $42.02
  • Degree $40.61
  • Hosting $31.91
  • Claim $45.51
  • Conference Call $42.05
  • Trading $33.19
  • Software $35.29
  • Recovery $42.03
  • Transfer $29.86
  • Gas/Electicity $54.62
  • Classes $35.04
  • Rehab $33.59
  • Treatment $37.18
  • Cord Blood $27.80 

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How To Find Google AdSense High CPC Keywords 2023

SEMrush is a great tool to find all that information. Their Keyword Difficulty tool, tells you how hard it is to rank on a keyword. But they don't stop there. They give you an idea of how many people are bidding on those keywords, and what the average CPCs are in those countries.

how much can i earn from adsense on my blog 

How much can I earn from adsense on my site depends on your Traffic, Content and location, in general CPM on Ads is $1 to $3. also there are some countries like Australia that pays good amount of money. So if you have a huge traffic and a highly optimized post then you can make thousands of dollars per month. If your website is earning good amount of money than think about what will happen in few years i am sure your earning will be millions per year.

how much adsense pay for 1000 views on blog 

Although pay rates vary depending on location, type of content and many other factors, there are some countries that yield much higher revenue than others. So which countries have been shown to produce better-paying clicks' Using data from thousands of publishers, we have listed of highest paying countries on AdSense in 2023.

10 tips to increase cpc on your blog 

1) Write good content: This is a no-brainer. The better your content, more people will read it and click on your ads. 

2) Optimize your website pages: Your website pages should be optimized to convert visitors into customers. 

3) Target high paying keywords: You can get higher payouts if you target high paying keywords. 

4) Optimize your ad headlines: Write compelling ad headlines that entice readers to click on them. 

5) Use relevant images in your ads: Use relevant images in your ads. 

6) Create multiple ad groups: Create multiple ad groups so that you can test different combinations of keywords and see which ones are most effective. 

7) Don't use automated software or bots : Don't use automated software or bots.

7) Create multiple ads per group: Create multiple ads per group so that you can test different combinations of headlines, text, etc., to see which ones perform best.

8) Try different ad sizes: Try different ad sizes as some may perform better than others depending on how many characters are available. 

9) Keep your website page simple: Keep your landing page simple and don't try to cram too much information into one place. 

10) Maximize clicks from mobile devices: Make sure that mobile users don't have any problem clicking on your ad. 

Why is CPC so low in Country like India and Bangladesh

India has a very low Cost Per Click (CPC) compared to other high-income countries such as UK and USA. According to a latest survey, CPC of India is around 0.17 USD in 2019 which is 1/6th from UK and 1/10th from USA. So why does India have such a low cost per click rate' There are many reasons behind it but some major ones are as follows: 

1. High internet penetration: The first reason behind CPC being so low in India is because there are  750 million internet users out of total population of 1.3 billion people. There are  many areas where people have access to internet or they can afford it. As you know that CPC depends on number of internet users so Higher number of users means lower CPC rate. 

2. Less competition: Another reason behind CPC being so low in India is less competition. Many big companies like Facebook, Twitter etc haven't launched their services yet in India due to its slow internet speed and less number of users. 

3. Language barrier: Even though English is an official language of India but still most Indians speak Hindi or local languages like Bengali, Telugu etc which makes it difficult for international brands to target Indian audience hardly. 

4. Lack of trust: Most advertisers think that Indian people don't trust online ads much and they won't click on them even if they are interested in buying products advertised online. They also think that since most people don't understand English well, even if they see ads with pictures then too they won't be able to understand what product is being advertised by these pictures. 

5. Not enough Laptop users: In India, more than 90% people use mobile phones for internet access instead of desktop computers and laptops. 

6. High data costs: Data charges in India are quite high when compared to other developing countries like China or Indonesia which results in less usage of mobile data plans by people.


What is Google Adsense' 

The answer is, google adsense is an advertisement service provided by google. Google adsense ads are shown on web pages related to your content based on keywords and topics used in your site. When someone clicks on those ads, you earn money from it. Ads come in many forms such as text only to full page size banners. You can select which ad will be displayed by choosing the ad category, relevant websites and of course location targeting.

What are the highest paying countries for Google AdSense'

The highest paying countries to host Google AdSense ads are United States, Denmark, Australia, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Based on a research conducted by MIVA in 2019-2020, these are some of countries with highest CPM rates.

What are high CPC keywords'

High CPC keywords are paid search terms that have high-intent, also known as high commercial intent, which means a user is highly likely to convert when clicking on an ad. These words include life insurance, foreclosure services and tax preparation help. While low-competition keywords cost very little per click, high-competition keywords can cost you more. That being said, if a business advertises with both competitive and noncompetitive keywords together, it has more opportunities to earn profit from each individual click.

What is an average CTR 

An average click through rate (CTR) measures how often people who see your ad click on it. It is expressed as a ratio, with a CTR of 1% meaning that 1 out of every 100 times someone sees your ad, they click on it.

How do I get high CPC ads on AdSense'

To get high paying ads on your website there are two major aspects you should be aware of: 

(1) getting a good CTR from your readers and 

(2) getting high-paying advertisers. 

Which countries pay the highest CPC in AdSense'

USA is undoubtedly one of them and has been so since it debuted. It's where most of Google's headquarters are situated, and it's also where many entrepreneurs make their start-ups. You get $0.60 per click on an ad in USA, making a potential $1,000+ per day with a 1000 daily traffic. However, when you put your ads on a local site, you can raise that number even higher.

Are there any regional differences'

Yes, there are noticeable regional differences in terms of payouts. The best-performing countries are those that have historically had high per capita internet adoption rates. Top performers include Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Other countries such as Russia and Indonesia also perform strongly but still lagging behind their western counterparts. 

How many ads should be displayed on a page

To provide a great user experience, we've seen that two ads per page is optimal. Three or more ads per page slows down loading times and causes users to spend less time on your pages. If you have fewer than two relevant, high-quality ad units, consider removing some to increase your relevance score. Also, keep in mind that showing four or more ads on a given page may result in a lower average position of your ad units and decreased revenue.

How To Find Google AdSense High CPC Keywords 

Knowing how to find high paying keywords is one of the most important skills you can learn as a publisher. It's also one of the most complicated. You see, there are many factors that affect your cost per click'you could have a great ad but end up getting impressions from users in a region where CPC is super low. To find high paying keywords you need to optimize your ads for every aspect that can increase or decrease your cost per click. Before we get into which countries to target, let's start with how to find high CPC keywords. We don't want to keep you in suspense: it takes a lot of time! The good news is that there are tools that help us do it quickly and easily. I recommend SEMrush and SpyFu for finding keywords with high-CPC.

How does CTR work 

CTR stands for Click Through Rate and is measured as a percentage of ad clicks on an advertisement. The CTR rate is computed by dividing click rate by impressions, where click rate equals number of clicks over number of ad impressions. In other words, CTR = (# of Clicks / # of Impressions)×100. A high CTR means that a good proportion of users viewing your website clicked on an ad to visit a linked website.

Do I have to pay extra if my ad shows up in high paying countries'

No. Google charge you by CPM or CPA, which means that you only have to pay per thousand impressions (CPM) or per action (CPA).

Do I need to create separate websites/blog if I want to show ads in high paying countries'

No, if you are using high paying countries as a targeting option in AdWords then your ad will be shown to users from all over world. High paying countries include United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia etc., and some other major countries of Europe. You need not to create separate websites or blogs only to show ads on those countries. It will cost time and efforts.

What are the most popular online advertising networks'

There are many types of online advertising networks. The two most common ad platforms are cost per click (CPC) and cost per impression (CPM). Depending on your website's industry, you should choose an ad network that will complement your brand.

How do I join This networks'

The first thing to do is to sign up for a Google AdWords account. To be accepted, you'll need to submit a few details about your business and it will be reviewed. If you're accepted, you can then choose which networks to connect with. You'll get your own unique code so you don't have any unwanted adverts when someone searches on your name. You can also opt out of connecting with any of them or change at any time.

How do you figure out what countries are high paying

Comparing which countries are best and worst paying can be difficult. However, if you break down each country into their population as a whole, you can start to see an idea of what countries will most likely give your site better or worse pay out. By figuring out how many people live in each country, and then comparing that number to how many views your site gets on average per day or week you should be able to figure out which countries are going to offer higher or lower pay outs per capita.

Will my content be relevant in these countries'

Content published on your site must be relevant to a search query, i.e. it should offer valuable information to readers and users who are looking for specific answers related to your niche or industry. To check if content is relevant, you can use tools like AnswerThePublic or, , or you can read comments left by users on your posts. 

How to use high paying keyword on article

A well-written description, keywords, title and other metadata is important because it's what searchers will see in search results. It needs to be informative enough that someone clicking through on your listing is prompted to visit your site as an answer to their question.

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